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PZ ELEVEN 23 (1).jpg

PZ Eleven group exhibition


Running from 1st July to 7th July at the Crypt Gallery in St Ives, this show explored new works by 12 of our artists, including new members. 

See images of the show below.

pz11 2023-03.jpg
pz11 2023-05.jpg
pz11 2023-08.jpg
pz11 2023-16.jpg
pz11 2023-28.jpg
pz11 2023-12.jpg
pz11 2023-14.jpg
pz11 2023-04.jpg
pz11 2023-27.jpg
pz11 2023-21.jpg
pz11 2023-20.jpg
pz11 2023-24.jpg
pz11 2023-22.jpg
pz11 2023-13.jpg
pz11 2023-06.jpg
pz11 2023-17.jpg
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